Top Christmas Toys 2008 – A Pricing Guide


So 2008 may have not been benevolent to your wallet huh? I’m certain we’ve all felt the squeeze! However, with Christmas simply approaching around the bend, it’s becoming that season where we take care of business and hold nothing back to get the Top Christmas Toys for our dearest kids.


This guide will assist with directing you toward the most sweltering toys for Christmas no matter what your financial plan. We’ve organized probably the most sizzling toys for Christmas alongside a concise depiction, value reach, and accessibility score. This is the way to decipher the score positioning:


1 – Easy to find


2 – Fairly simple to find


3 – Pretty 5.7×28 Ammo


4 – Hard to track down


5 – Very troublesome – hope to stand by in lengthy lines or purchase second-hand


How about we kick you off. Presenting the Top Christmas Toys of 2008, and their evaluating:




Value Range: 8.99 – 15.99


Accessible: 3


How hot is it: Webkinz are rich toys that come in numerous assortments. Every extravagant accompanies an extraordinary code that can be placed online to initiate and become your own special online webkinz.


Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro Racers


Cost range: 27.99 – 32.99


Accessible: 3


How hot is it: It’s a R/C vehicle that can seriously irritate and topsy turvy on the roof… That is darn cool. Obviously this will be HOT this year!


Hasbro Nerf N’ Strike Vulcan


Value Range: 39.99 – $45.00


Accessible: 4


How hot is it: This is one of my number one top Christmas toys for the year, and I’m not a youngster! This thing is an impact. With completely programmed shoot, the Nerf N’ Strik Vulcan likewise includes a belt feeder for the ammunition to make this nerf weapon very tomfoolery, and very steady on its stand mount!


Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles


Value Range: 59.99 – 89.99


Accessible: 4


How hot is it: Here’s a toy that will you’ll most likely wind up playing with almost as much as the children! No contrivance, this arrangement of goggles permits you to see in close to add up to dimness up to 50+ feet before you. I’ve found this on practically every Top Christmas Toys list I’ve gone over during the current year. When you see it in real life, you’ll grasp the reason why!


Nintendo Wii Fit


Value Range: 89.99 – 139.00


Accessible: 5


How hot is it: It’s the lord of toys for 2008 straightforward. The WIi Fit is as of now sold out almost wherever you look even 2+ months before Christmas! This is #1 on virtually every Top Christmas Toys list in all cases! Assuming you track down it, get it! You totally won’t think twice about it! What better method for getting into shape than by having a great time simultaneously! (They won’t actually realize they’re working out!)


More Hot Gifts:


FurReal Friends My Lovin Pup


Value Range: 149.99 – 179.00


How Hot is it: Very hot! Kids love playing with the “little guy” that plays back!


Star Wars Legos Motorized AT Walker


Value Range: 129.00 – 159.00


How hot is it: It’s downright cool. To see an AT – AT Walker from Star Wars coming towards you is energizing. This thing is now close to difficult to track down without getting it utilized. At the point when you track down it, grab it up!


Backugan Battle Arena


Value Range: 23.99 – 27.99


How hot is it: This toy is remarkable, there’s no questioning that! This is a fight game that includes a combination of cards, and some surprisingly realistic! The field is most certainly going to be hot this year, yet ensure you buy a portion of the characters too, or your new “fighter” will be disheartened he can’t play the game…

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